Publish Brand Release of Drop Stack Jogger Pant

Publish Drop Stack Release
Today marks the day you can be a part of something new and very exciting. The beloved Publish Brand has now released their latest and slimmest joggers yet. These joggers are not only slim; they have an extra raise and lower drop-crotch. This silhouette resembles an older style of pant you may remember called parachute pants. For the hip hop lovers you are sure to remember this silhouette and how it is slowing coming back into play.
This particular jogger done by Publish has the same qualities but is not a parachute pant and still a jogger. The stack effect comes from the very slim ankle which allows the wearer to bunch (stack) the leg at the knee or ankles. The material for this jogger is stretch twill. This allows the stretch for a comfortable fit, as well as stacks the leg without discomfort. Even with the brand being street wear this product can be worn to any occasion. It offers style and a clean classic appeal to every situation.
Released January 20, 2015 purchase available at
And in store at Volume1ne on 427 Westport RD. Kansas City MO

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